New Energy

This is an aluminum product that is used as a photovoltaic radiator. In cooperation with a new energy research company from Germany, we provided suggestions for changes to the drawings of the product. The product can better reduce the temperature of internal components, improve the efficiency of the inverter, and reduce the cost of use in practical applications. Played a key role in market development.

  1. Photovoltaic power generation system: Install photovoltaic power generation panels on CNC equipment to convert solar energy into electric power supply. This solution provides CNC equipment with renewable energy, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution.
  2. Battery system: Install a battery system on the CNC equipment to store the electric energy and supply it to the CNC equipment. This solution provides CNC equipment with backup power to cope with power outages or grid failures, increasing the stability and reliability of the equipment.
  3. Energy recovery system: the waste heat and wastewater generated by CNC equipment are recycled, the waste heat is converted into electricity or heating through the heat recovery device, and the waste water is treated and reused through the waste water recovery device. This solution can improve energy efficiency and resource utilization, and reduce the environmental burden.
  4. Intelligent energy management system: Through the installation of sensors and monitoring equipment, the energy consumption and efficiency of CNC equipment are monitored and managed in real time to optimize energy use and distribution. This solution can improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and costs.
  5. Intelligent charging system: Provide intelligent charging equipment for CNC equipment, and optimize the scheduling and control of electric energy through intelligent charging management system. This solution can improve charging efficiency and the service life of the device, reducing energy consumption and charging costs.
  6. Power conversion technology: Replace traditional fuel power system by adopting new energy power system, such as using electric motor instead of internal combustion engine. This solution can reduce environmental pollution and noise, and improve the sustainability and environmental friendliness of the equipment.

The above are some new energy solutions for the CNC industry, which can be applied according to the actual needs and conditions. These solutions not only reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, but also improve the reliability and competitiveness of the equipment.