This is an internal part of an industrial production machine. Its material is aluminum alloy, and its internal structure is relatively complicated. It is a precision part and has relatively high requirements for processing and production, requiring high precision. We have advanced measuring equipment to better control the quality and reduce the scrap rate. Our yield can reach 98%.

CNC technology offers many solutions in the industrial sector, including the following:

  1. Manufacturing: CNC technology can be applied to various manufacturing industries, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, etc. It can precisely control the movement of tools and parts, making the production process more efficient and precise. At the same time, CNC technology can also achieve automated production, greatly improving production efficiency.
  2. Parts processing: CNC technology can be used for a variety of parts processing, including sheet metal processing, casting, milling, turning, etc. By writing programs, CNC machine tools can automatically process parts according to design requirements, greatly reducing manual operation errors, and can realize the processing of complex shapes.
  3. Engraving and decoration: CNC technology is also widely used in engraving and decoration. For example, it can be used for the engraving of wood, stone, metal and other materials, making the engraving process more fine and efficient. At the same time, CNC technology can also be used to make a variety of ornaments and crafts, making the design more unique and exquisite.
  4. Mold manufacturing: CNC technology can be used for mold manufacturing, including plastic molds, casting molds, etc. Through the high-precision machining of CNC machine tools, the precise manufacturing of molds can be achieved, and the quality and efficiency of products can be improved.
  5. Integrated production line: CNC technology can be integrated with other automation equipment and robots to build intelligent production lines. In this way, the production process can be unmanned and highly automated, improving production efficiency and quality stability.

In short, CNC technology provides many solutions in the industrial field, including improving production efficiency, processing accuracy, reducing production costs and labor errors. It has become an indispensable part of the modern industrial field.