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Intelligent robot

This is an intelligent robot shell, the material is ABS, and the outer surface is sprayed with two colors. In order to meet the needs of the market, the customer is doing an appearance test. Yunsheng Technology can provide small batch production to enter the market faster and gain more market share.

CNC intelligent robot solution is through the combination of artificial intelligence technology and CNC machine tool technology, to achieve robot autonomous and intelligent processing operation.

The solution mainly includes the following aspects:

  1. Robot intelligent control system: Through the use of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and sensing technology, the robot can automatically identify, locate and plan the path of the workpiece. The robot can independently select the optimal machining path according to the characteristics of different parts, and adjust the machining parameters in real time to improve the machining accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Intelligent programming software: Develop programming software based on artificial intelligence, so that operators can program through a simple graphical interface. The software can automatically generate the corresponding processing program according to the processing requirements entered by the user, and optimize the program to reduce the processing time and energy consumption.
  3. Automatic machine tool change system: Use the robot’s automatic operation ability to realize the automation of machine tool change. The robot can automatically select the right tool according to the requirements of the processing program, and carry out accurate tool change operation, saving labor costs and time.
  4. Data analysis and optimization: By collecting and analyzing the data of the processing process, extracting useful information and optimizing the robot’s processing process. For example, machining parameters can be adjusted through data analysis to improve machining accuracy and surface quality.
  5. Remote monitoring and maintenance: Through the network connection, the remote monitoring and maintenance of the robot is realized. The operator can monitor the processing status of the robot anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone or computer, and carry out fault diagnosis and maintenance. This can greatly improve the utilization and efficiency of the equipment.

CNC intelligent robot solutions can be widely used in various processing industries, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronic equipment, etc., while improving production efficiency, it can also reduce labor costs, improve the working environment, and realize the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.